Microsoft surface: Foldable device with multiple displays will stun you

Microsoft has unleashed a patent of its upcoming smartphone. It hints that there will be a foldable device with multiple displays.



Microsoft has disclosed a number of patents related to the Andromeda-based smartphone project, namely the folding screen. With a folding screen design, the Surface phone is as easy to use as a tablet. Recently, the publisher of Windows re-affirmed a new patent on this smartphone that it will use three independent monitors, in which a small screen on the edge of the table linked to two screens. to rest.



This patent is titled  “The device uses a monitor on the hinge attached to two other monitors.” The patent is described as two large screens that will connect through a hinge. However, the hinge is the narrow screen that displays information such as virtual control, time, messages, messages, calls, … In this design, the user will Get information when using Surface in screen mode, fold the screen or even open the screen in the form of V.

The invention of the three-screen smartphone has a long history, typical Samsung Galaxy X will have three screens. However, unlike Microsoft, Samsung is equipped with two OLED screens on the inside and a screen on the outside.

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