Android 8.0 Oreo; Experience update rolling out to Galaxy Gadgets

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Android 8.0 Oreo; Experience update rolling out to Galaxy Gadgets

Notable Samsung the world’s 2nd largest IT Company that has always surprise users globally with its renowned adaptations being a trendsetter.

Samsung, just like its previous updates in series is all set for its Android 8.0 Oreo update for Galaxy S8 and S8+ gadgets.

SM-G955XXU1CRAP is now currently rolling out in Germany and being a center of attention from Samsung Lovers. Its all-fair touches of humor are prevailing is glad to be announced is true.

It is reported that users those are on the beta program will be experiencing this recent update and others, unfortunately, have to wait but this wait is not much longer as Samsung works for its credibility and market value more than any other IT firms do. This is rolling its way out at Germany and will soon move to rest of the regions. S8 Oreo is expected to be more charm as it has received good reviews from Deutschland.

If we talk about Samsung previous releases they were with zero doubts amazingly accepted by users with its classical standards. It made spell bounded people so much that its sale increases in no time soon after S series started.

Reviews till now say that users are overwhelmed with Samsung new blessing. Users are happy about its new changes in graphic user interface. Moreover, overall performance has been significantly appreciated.


More about 9.0 releases it includes a new keyboard, Bixby color lens and much improvement in its display. This update also includes Security patch just to make it less vulnerable to external viruses. If you are not the part of the beta program then you need to wait for the final verdict of its release at your regions. From some resources, it is being said it will be landing on all devices within 24 hours soon after beta testers in the market will test it. In your gadgets, you can check whether you can have it or not by clicking on settings section on your Samsung Android in Software update section.

What will you see in this update? Oreo will bring complete and advance Samsung UX with improved performance. Moreover, you will experience boosted audio performance and many other amazing features.

Soon Oreo update will be part of the global market and we will see through the bottlenecks. Let’s see how Samsung will prove itself this time again.

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