Nokia 222


Redeemed by Microsoft, the Devices & Services branch of Nokia continues to design phones. The proof with this Nokia 222, a feature of the simplest Nokia as well knows how to do them. Enjoying a very affordable price, it will appeal to people looking for a simple phone to use. It can also act as a replacement device if your main mobile fails.

Nokia 222 specifications
Nokia 222 specifications

A word of order: simplicity

The Nokia 222 has a sober design, with a QVGA color screen 2.4 inches and contained dimensions (116 x 50 x 12.9 mm) that will allow it to slip into all pockets.

His memory, on the other hand, is very limited. But fortunately, the phone has a microSD port allowing it to accommodate a memory card up to 32 GB.

The Nokia 222 can also count on its battery of 1100 mAh to allow him to hold up to 20 hours in use and up to 696 hours standby.

A phone more versatile than it sounds

If its main function is to send calls and SMS, the Nokia has a lot of features that can be very useful in everyday life: built-in flashlight, Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility and headset audio, social apps like GroupMe by Skype, Facebook, Messenger and Twitter, an FM radio, an MP3 player or even a free Gameloft video game a month for a year.

It has a 2-megapixel sensor on the back so you can capture photos from anywhere, but also an MP3 player and FM radio so you can listen to your favorite sounds wherever you are.

Its 2.5G connection will also allow it to surf the Internet via the Opera Mini browser. However, note that the bitrate will be very limited, in any case much more than with a 3G / 4G connection.

The Nokia 222 is available in single or dual-SIM version.



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