Nokia 130 (2017)


The Nokia 130 (2017) is a very simple mobile phone that will suit people who just want to use their mobile to make calls and send SMS. This new version of the Nokia 130 stands out thanks to the integration of a photosensor, which was previously absent.

Nokia 130 (2017) Price, overview and full phone specifications
Nokia 130 (2017) Price, overview and full phone specifications

Simple and practical

The Nokia 130 (2017) adopts more curved lines compared to the previous Nokia 130, which had a rectangular design. The keys just below the screen have also been reviewed, although all of this remains very basic. The screen, it does not evolve since it is still a QQVGA color screen (160 x 128 pixels) LCD with a resolution of 114 pixels per inch.

The RAM remains at 4 MB, while the internal storage space still peaks at 8 MB. This very limited memory capacity can be extended up to 32 GB thanks to the presence of a memory card port MicroSD type. This will be almost mandatory if you want to use your Nokia.

Note also that the battery is still 1020 mAh, and that it should offer its user a range of up to 22 hours in 2G communication, 12 hours in video playback, 54 hours in music playback, and 33 days in Eve.

Finally a camera!

This is the novelty of this Nokia 130 version 2017: the presence of a photosensor located on the back of the mobile. It is certainly very limited since it is a VGA sensor (0.3 megapixels), but it still has the merit of making its appearance. It was time!

Basic features

For the rest, the Nokia 130 (2017) is a phone that highlights call management with its call signal functions, call history, call forwarding, list of pre-programmed numbers … He will also be able to memorize 500 contacts in his repertoire.

Other everyday features are also present. The mobile can connect to nearby devices thanks to its USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 connections. It also benefits from a 3.5mm jack. The Nokia (2017) includes FM Radio and MP3 player, for music lovers, or the opportunity to play Snake Xenzia and discover the Gameloft games such as Ninja Up and Danger Dash.

Finally, note that this Nokia 130 (2017) has a dual SIM port, which will allow him to manage two phone lines simultaneously.



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